Step Sister Gives Blowjob

Redhead Babe Vacuums The Cock
September 14, 2018
Starring: Maya Kendrick
Our stud is fed up with his stepsister, Maya Kendrick. She gets all the easy chores all the time. So, he comes up with a dastardly plan. He takes a pen and swaps their names on the chores list! Can you believe the twisted brain on this guy? Lucky for him, Maya is completely oblivious to his misdeeds, and gets down on her knees to start cleaning the floor. Also lucky for him, she does it in jean shorts that look like they have been cut into the shape of a thong for some reason. She also somehow lets her top slide off her tits while she is cleaning too. That is too much for our stud to let pass by without trying to get in on her goods. He tells her if she lets him have some fun with her, he will finish her chores for her. What are stepbrothers for! She agrees, and he leads her across the floor while she chokes on his cock. He grabs her by her pigtails and guides her onto his big, meaty broomstick. She vacuum cleans his cock like she is trying to make sure there is not a speck of cum left inside him. She even cleans his asshole with her tongue. This girl is going to be a great housekeeper one day. What do you think of Mayas cleaning skills? Let us know in the comments!

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