Hairy Red Hair Pussy

To Catch A Fire Crotch

Nora Ivy

Massive Dick Blowjob

Our stud is trying to enjoy a nice breakfast when he finds one of Nora Ivys long red hairs in his milk. That is nasty, and it is cause for him to go on red hair alert. Later on, he is getting ready to brush his teeth when he finds a clump of her red hair caught up in the bristles. Red hair alert number two! The last straw comes when he opens the bathroom drawer and finds a hair brush filled with her red hair. That is strike three. So, when Nora gets home, our stud is ready to give her an earful. He has her pull her panties down to see if he can find the source of all this red hair, and sure enough, Nora is a fire crotch. Lucky for her, he is into the red bush. Scorn soon turns to horniness as he licks and sucks her red pussy before putting his massive dick in her mouth for a slobbery blowjob. She can barely handle the pleasure as he plows her from below and behind. Then he finishes on her red pussy patch with a splash of white. Looks like Nora was caught red handed!

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